Cruising Altitude

Book by Samantha O’Connell
Lyrics by Chloe E.W. Levine
Music and Orchestrations by Ian Chan

Aboard a plane from Houston to London, a suitcase goes missing and an investigation begins, bringing up all kinds of baggage — both emotional and physical — and proving to be a test for the entire roster of eclectic passengers. Cruising Altitude, a high-stakes musical comedy set 35,000 feet in the air, tackles the issues of losing yourself in relationships, living in the moment, and pursuing passions at all costs.

Performance History

May 2-5, 2019
Agassiz Theater, Cambridge, MA
Produced by the Office for the Arts at Harvard University
Music Direction by Ian Chan, Chloe E.W. Levine, and Kalos Chu
Choreography by Angel Hoyang
Direction by Aviva Ramirez

Watch & Listen

“Up and Away” from Cruising Altitude, performed by the cast of The First-Year Musical.
“How Are The Kids?” from Cruising Altitude, performed by Ben Dreier and Felix Bulwa.
“Cruising Altitude” from Cruising Altitude, performed by Odessa Deng and Nico Barlos.